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Working at Dorabot

As a company, we value collective wisdom and diversity. That's why we've attracted talented people from over 10 countries to work at our Shenzhen headquarters, with rich experience in fields such as motion planning, mobile navigation, computer vision, physical world modeling, and reasoning mechanisms for robots.


Career Opportunities

To apply send a resume and, if applicable, a portfolio of your work to:

  • Robotics Software Engineer (Shenzhen, Brisbane & Atlanta)

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  • Computer Vision Engineer (Shenzhen, Brisbane & Atlanta)

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  • Mobile Robot Software Engineer (Shenzhen, Brisbane & Atlanta)

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  • Research Scientist/Assistant (Shenzhen, Brisbane & Atlanta)

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  • Operations Research Engineer (Shenzhen, Brisbane & Atlanta)

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We want all our employees to be happy and healthy, and we strive to facilitate their personal growth.

Stock Option Grant
Healthy Meals
Adjustable Desk
Exclusive Gym
Flexible Work Schedule
Beautiful Sunsets
Language Classes

If you love to learn...

If you are crazy passionate about technology...

If you are seeking a diverse and dynamic workplace...

Join us at Dorabot!

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