Supply Chain Manager

Date:  10 11, 2018

To apply, send resume and, if applicable, a portfolio of your work to


Job Description
1. Provide annual supply chain planning (demand, production, purchasing, logistics, and inventory).
2. Manage purchasing risks and control acquisition costs.
3. Guarantee the quality and timely arrival of purchased materials.
4. Set up a supplier management system and a complete and traceable pricing information system
5. Find quality suppliers and negotiate partnership agreements.
6. Optimize cost structures for necessary materials.
7. Responsible for planning and executing orders deliveries (transport, customs clearance, and warehousing).
8. Responsible for handling and managing returns (returns to suppliers and returns from customers).

Position Requirement
1. Proficient in English; good at negotiating.
2. 5+ years work experience in supply chain management.
3. Mechanical engineering major and experience working at a major robotics company or in high-tech supply chain management would be a plus.
4. Familiar with logistics and supply chain procedures; good understanding of EPR and other quality control management systems.
5. Analytical, communicative, goal-oriented, and a natural leader.
6. Responsible and self-motivated to do the best job possible.