Algorithm Developer

Date:  12 05, 2018

To apply, send resume and, if applicable, a portfolio of your work to


Job Description
1. Develop algorithms for robot arms, robot hands, and mobile robots for logistics solutions and monitor their implementation. 
2. Most algorithms would be abstract and not rely on specific robotics knowledge. 
3. Algorithms will pertain to the following subjects: motion planning, collision checking, collision avoidance, world representation, mapping, localization, navigation, grasp planning, trajectory optimization, loading containers, etc.
4. Part of this job is to develop and maintain existing open-source libraries, such as FCL (Flexible Collision Library).


Position Requirements
1. Strong knowledge of algorithm design and data structures; capable of designing algorithms and data structures to solve real-world problems.
2. Familiar with Linux environments.
3. Capable of finding academic papers that can be used to solve real-world problems and implementing the algorithms described in them.
4. Excellent English communications skills.