Devops Engineer

Date:  12 05, 2018

To apply, send resume and, if applicable, a portfolio of your work to


Job Description
1. Maintain Linux systems, develop automation tools, and maintain private/public cloud systems using Gitlab and Phabricator.
2. Monitor logs and maintain package management systems.
3. Develop CI systems using APIs.
4. Manage complex codebases, multi-products, and multi-branch package management systems. 



Position Requirements
1. Graduate degree with solid English reading, writing, and speaking skills.
2. Familiar with Linux, Git, and CI.
3. Script programming; familiar with DEB packaging and active in open source communities.
4. Familiar with Docker, Jenkins, or other CI systems.
5. Daily Linux maintenance, IT infrastructure maintenance, and Apache/Nginx, Gitlab/Gitea migration/backup/restoration.
6. Familiar with Qemu/KVM, LXC, or Docker.
7. Familiar with Kubernets or Mesos.
8. Familiar wita h scripting language, such as Shell/Python/Perl, etc.
9. Learn necessary PKIs and build upward.
10. Learn about Ansible, Puppet, or similar tools.
11. Know how to deploy and develop based on existing systems.