Electronics Engineer

Date:  10 11, 2018

To apply, send resume and, if applicable, a portfolio of your work to


Job Description
1.  Design, build, test, and improve electronics for our mobile manipulators, including but not limited to: power/battery management systems, wireless communication systems, EtherCAT-based systems, motors, high-performance motor drivers, and odometry/IMU/tactile/torque sensors. 
2.  Design PCB circuits optimized for strong currents, high-speeds, and wireless communication.
3. Select chips and components, supervise the manufacturing process, and ensure product quality when needed.
4.  Analyze and evaluate the performance of existing or proposed electrical systems and improve them.
5.  Solder components onto circuit boards.
6.  Work with project managers and the CTO to provide assistance and tech support to achieve project goals.

Position Requirements
1. Electrical engineering or related background.
2. Comfortable using EDA software such as KiCAD, and gEDA; comfortable working with Linux.
3. Familiar with robot components and circuits; expiring working with existing solutions such as Elmo, Beckhoff, and ATI.