Electrical Engineer

Date:  10 11, 2018

To apply, send resume and, if applicable, a portfolio of your work to


Job Description:

1. Use AutoCAD or EPLAN to create circuit schematics and wiring diagrams.
2. Design industrial equipment distribution systems, electrical protection mechanisms, and parts used for automation.
3. Work with third parties to produce electrical equipment.
4. Responsible for maintaining the company's electrical equipment.

Position Requirements:

1. Proficient in AutoCAD or EPLAN; experience drawing electrical schematics and wiring diagrams.
2. Skilled in electrical component selection and parameter calculation. 
3. Strong knowledge of servo motors and three-phase motor protection system design.
4. Familiar with all kinds of sensors, touch screens, and variable-frequency converters.
5. Familiar with cable calculations, specifications, and selection; understanding of CE/UL-certified cables.
6. Able to test and debug electrical systems and propose improvements.
7. Understanding of standard designs for electrical cabinets; work with mechanical engineers to complete their design and production.