Operations Research Engineer

Date:  12 05, 2018

To apply, send resume and, if applicable, a portfolio of your work to


Job Description
1.  Analyze the problem of multi-agent collaboration and come up with algorithms to optimize the efficiency of such problem. Problems might include:
    - multi mobile robot traveling, path planning, task allocation
    - multi (mobile) manipulators collaborating on the same transportation and manipulation task, possibly even in shared workspace
    - multi agent with different capabilities working together
    - motion planning
    - robotic manipulation
2.  Implement your algorithm into solid and robust program, which should be able to work on hundreds to thousands of physical robots. This is one of the reasons this job is "OR Engineer" rather than "OR Analyst".

Position Requirements
1.  Background in Operations Research, Optimization, Mathematics, Computer Science, Robotics, Industrial Engineering, or a related field.
2.  Proficient with at least one programming language: C++, Python, any dialect of Lisp, or other languages that can produce production level software.
3.  Both persistent and innovative, love to take on new, unfamiliar and challenging problems.

Preferred Qualifications
1.  Experienced in successful application of optimization methods on real world systems.
2.  Published papers in top conferences/ journals on Operations Research/ Optimization.
3.  Participated in international competitions with topics related to Operations Research, Optimization, Mathematics, Computer Science, or Robotics.