Dorabot Sports!

Date: 12-12-2017

With standing desks, healthy meals, and our office gym, we strive to provide employees with a healthy and happy workplace. To accompany this, we organize sport-based teambuilding activities whenever we have the chance. Here are pics from some of the past year's outings!




This sport is BIG in China. It's not uncommon to see active locals carrying rackets to a nearby court, and kids play badminton competitively in school. Badminton is relatively easy to pick up, but if your goal is to win, playing with a Chinese partner may be a good strategic decision.





No one calls this sport soccer in China (sorry Americans, you play it with your feet). Football is gaining in popularity among young Chinese, especially after the 2014 World Cup.





This sport is also huge in China. If you love watching the NBA, you'll fit right in among Chinese sports enthusiasts. And if you're a tall foreigner, you have no excuses for not playing! 



These outings are by no means mandatory, but they are certainly a good time! Visit our careers page to learn more about the perks of working at Dorabot and view our current job openings.