We're Looking for a Mechanical Engineer & Assistant Mechanical Engineer!

Date: 04-20-2018

If a robot were human, software and algorithms would be its brain. Its bones and muscles would be the hardware. 


In addition to developing software and algorithms for robots, Dorabot has heavily invested in hardware research and development to ensure our products have industrial-grade performance, stability, and durability.


However, hardware development is significantly slower than software development. This is because the quality of hardware improves along with the quality and frequency of prototype iteration. For example, in mechanical R&D, engineers first review schematics, then conduct simulations in virtual environments, and finally produce prototypes to verify a product's effectiveness. 


To save prototyping costs, a large number of universities and businesses have invested heavily in simulations. But prototyping continues to play an irreplaceable role in mechanical R&D, both for the perfection of products and the personal growth of engineers. To understand and improve on their designs, mechanical engineers still need hands-on work with their products. 


As such, we encourage our mechanical engineers to construct parts themselves using 3D printing and CNC programming. When you build robots yourself, your machine and your parts will tell you everything. And with Shenzhen's supply chain and advanced manufacturing resources, we can iterate hardware here faster than anywhere else in the world!




Does that sound like the job for you? If you are interested, send your resume to dream@dorabot.com, and we will contact you as soon as possible.