AI & Robotics Company Dorabot Debuts at Modex 2018

Date: 04-09-2018

Artificial intelligence and robotics company Dorabot will make its public debut at Modex 2018, the largest supply-chain trade show in the Americas held at the Atlanta World Congress Center from April 9 to 12. 
At the show, Dorabot will present their proof of concept luggage handling solution and Dorabot Hand robot attachment. Dorabot's luggage handling solution would allow airports to automate their luggage handling operations with robot arms (also known as manipulators) and AGVs (autonomous guided vehicles). 



The solution's manipulator uses Dorobot-developed computer vision, operational planning, motion planning, and communication modules to pick up and move pieces of luggage. With a variety of sensors, such as 3D cameras, the manipulator determines the position and orientation of AGVs and bags in real time, allowing the robot grasp and reposition luggage autonomously. 
The AGVs are mobile platforms on which the manipulator places baggage. Using SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) technology, the AGVs navigate, avoid obstacles, and collaborate with one another, making them useful in a wide range of applications and relatively simple to deploy.
When implemented, this solution could increase luggage handling efficiency, reduce the probability of damaging baggage, and decrease the risk of occupational hazards. With the integration of customer information, teams of AGVs could even deliver luggage directly to travelers, improving customer experience by eliminating the need to wait at a baggage carousel. 

The company has also developed a robot attachment called the Dorabot Hand, which represented the company several times in international robotics competitions. The Dorabot Hand features tactile sensors and three digits which can grasp round objects like basketballs and perform cooking-related tasks such as sprinkling salt, beating eggs, and making dumplings.

Using these technologies, Dorabot will provide comprehensive AI-powered hardware and software solutions for a variety of industries with a focus on logistics and e-commerce. 

Visit us at booth 2574 to meet our team and learn more about our solutions!