Media Maven Leo Wong Joins Dorabot Hong Kong

Date: 07-17-2018

Leo Wong will join Dorabot, a market-leading AI and robotics company developing solutions for logistics and e-commerce, in Hong Kong to work on business management and development. Leo brings to Dorabot years of valuable experience in marketing, business development, investment, and market capitalization.



Prior to joining Dorabot Hong Kong, Leo was CEO at Modern Media Group, a publicly listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Leo's creative income modeling and corporate development strategy brought the company to IPO in 2009, and Leo was also named one of the "10 Most Influential Advertising Persons in Hong Kong" by the Hong Kong Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies. Modern Media Group is well known in Greater China for their digital media, print publications, and art exhibitions.


"AI and robotics are the future, and being part of that is exciting and challenging," says Leo. "With my 20+ years of experience as the CEO of a public company, I believe I can use my networking skills and professionalism to procure great business opportunities."

Dorabot is actively hiring business-minded professionals like Leo to support worldwide growth! If you're interested in joining the company, click here view all Dorabot's job openings and send a resume and cover letter to