Amazon Picking Challenge Champion Wolf Schaarschmidt Joins Dorabot

Date: 07-24-2018

At Dorabot, we're actively seeking talented, robot-obsessed, and globally minded engineers to join our fast-growing tech team in Shenzhen, especially engineers who participate in and win robotics competitions! So we're especially thrilled to have Wolf Schaarschmidt on board.


Wolf originally hails from Germany, but he speaks more than 10 languages and considers himself a world citizen. Appropriately, he has given himself the Chinese name 世民, which means "world citizen."


During his career, Wolf worked and studied all over the world, from Mexico to Mongolia, and built some awesome robots along the way. Wolf helped build a mid-sized, open-source humanoid robot called PINO in Japan and developed robots used for STEM education in South Korea. In 2015, Wolf and his team from the Technical University of Berlin designed a manipulator that won the first-ever Amazon Picking Challenge.


We were excited to get to know Wolf, so we asked him about his work background, why he chose to join Dorabot, and his first impressions of life in Shenzhen. Watch our interview below!



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