Gary Bradski to Lead Dorabot's Computer Vision Research

Date: 09-26-2018

Dorabot, a market-leader in AI-powered robotic logistics solutions, announced today that renowned AI and computer vision scientist Gary Bradski will join the company as their Chief Robotic Vision Scientist.  



Bradski is well known in Silicon Valley for founding and working for innovative companies such as Willow Garage, Industrial Perception, and Arraiy, his most recent venture. He is also known for having developed and published a book about the OpenCV computer vision library.


"I believe that with the acceleration of AI and computer vision, that sensor guided robotics can transform many fields," says Bradski. "Dorabot has a great team that is well positioned to earn a dominant role in these fields."


Logistics robotics has long been an interest of Bradski's. Industrial Perception, which Bradski co-founded 2012, was developing container unloading, e-­commerce fulfillment, and package sorting solutions before being acquired by Google in 2013. Upon their acquisition, the team was repurposed and put to work on developing autonomous driving technology.


Leveraging his experience, Bradski will be guiding the direction of the Dorabot's vision research and offering insights into product and solution development. "Since I went through the whole experience of founding Industrial Perception and selling it to Google, I have seen the full cycle of using intelligent robot arms in industry," explains Bradski. "I can help give advice on technical approaches and help leverage open source libraries such as OpenCV. But I can also brainstorm on business goals, which problems are worth solving first, and which areas to prioritize."


Bradski will also assist Dorabot in recruiting top-tier computer vision and robotics talent in the United States, where he will be based. 


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