Dorabot Announces Series A+ Round of Financing, Led by YunFeng Capital

Date: 02-28-2018


Dorabot, the market-leading robotics company deploying artificial intelligence and robotics in the logistics sector, announced today that it has raised tens of millions for its Series A+ round financing. The investment will fund Dorabot to further expand their research and the marketing teams in Shenzhen and the U.S. and accelerate the large-scale application of fully-automated loading, unloading, and sorting technology in warehouses.


The funding round is led by Yunfeng Capital, followed by Angel Round shareholder Sinovation Ventures, A Round shareholder Aplus Fund, and a new investor, GP Capital. 

Founded in 2015, Dorabot focuses on developing artificially intelligent robotics solutions for the logistics industry. As part of their global strategy, Dorabot has attracted employees from over 10 different countries to work at their Shenzhen headquarters with rich experience in fields such as computer vision, motion planning, mobile navigation, and machine learning. 

Dorabot has made a significant breakthrough in the initial commercialization of its products in the China and North America markets. So far, the company has independently developed its automatic warehouse solution, which is based on express logistics and e-commerce warehouse scenarios. This solution's core modules have undergone multiple stress tests, and Dorabot will soon promote this solution on a global stage.

As their technology develops, Dorabot will continue to expand their applications of AI-powered robots into other areas, such as airport and seaport logistics. The company will also target potential markets in regions covered by China's Belt and Road Initiative.