Former UPS Executive Joins Dorabot

Date: 10-16-2017

Dorabot is honored to have Chong Loo join our team as Chief Commercial Officer. Loo is one of the most influential individuals in logistics, notably the express delivery business.

Loo joined UPS in 1987 and has experience in Industrial Engineering, Operations, Finance and Accounting, and Corporate Strategy. He was a key leader of the first generation team that developed multiple systems and models unique to UPS. One of the latest achievements in Loo's career was to establish a joint venture between two of the largest and fast-growing express delivery companies.

Loo's character and professional expertise were sought after by many top-tier companies, but he wanted to join us because Dorabot was a unique and exciting place to work.

Check out this video to find out why Loo chose Dorabot: