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How Our Solutions Work

AI and robotics are complicated, but our engineering wizards have mastered both.

Here are the technologies that power our robots and solutions.

  • 6DOF Path Planning

    Robot arm calculates and plans collision avoidance path and grasps based on visual information.

  • Computer Vision

    Acquire 3D information & pose information.
    Decrease benchmark for hardware (i.e. camera) through optimization of algorithms.
    Vision stack enables robots to perceive physical world in depth & color.

  • Machine Learning

    Apply to pre-loading calculation and planning of packages.
    Connect to WMS and use data to calculate the optimized path of packages.
    AI algorithms can increase full load rate to 80%.

  • Spatiotemporal and Physical Reasoning

    Reasoning about space and physics is one fundamental capability for robots to perform tasks efficiently and safely in real-world environments. We leverage the reasoning to improving perception and manipulation by integrating these modules into a hierarchical optimization framework under a unified spatial representation.

Leading Technology